Opening this september!! 


Soap Felting Workshop- Pia Bouman Summer Leaps Camp week 2

We dyed the wool with kool-aid and vinegar, soap felted the tapestries, embroidered the edges, and used the extra wool to make hair bobbles!


Last day of camp- Action Painting like Pollack on cupcakes!

The kids learned from cupcake action painting that art is about the the process, and it doesn't matter if it ends up in a frame, or in the basement, or in your tummy- as long as you had a great time making it!


Puppets at Summer Leaps Camp, Pia Bouman School of Ballet 

I decided to teach the kids how to make puppets as summer leaps is all about dance! I thought puppets were a great way to meld art and movement, and the kids did a fantastic job bringing them to life both physically and visually. The theme was princesses and unicorns, based on a story we wrote and performed on the last day. More about the camp at
We decided to present our puppets on the last day of camp with music and dancing learned in the other classes. It was a great show!


Eva's DIY Potato

For Eva's birthday, I made her a 'make your own potato' kit out of stuffed panty-hose. I included buttons, yarns, and fabrics. The kit came with an illustrated book on how to make the potato. Eva chose to put the furry fabric on the back as a backpack- but I think it looks like back hair!


Graphic novels 'The U.S.S Currie has been sucked into a space vortex and we found... this' 

Last day of art class at Clinton Elementary, the kids present their finished graphic novels to the class!


Abstract Expressionism with cupcakes! Grades 7/8 last class party

The kids learned about Action Painting in the style of Jackson Pollack through cupcake decorating! Each mixed their own platte, and then whipped the icing at cupcakes placed on the ground.


Wool Dying/ Felting with grades 7/8 at Jesse Ketchum.

The kids first created their colour palette by dying the wool with cool-aid.


Self Portraits by grades 7/8 at Jesse Ketchum, 8 week mixed media course

Using the principals of gestault, the students created self portraits with ink and gouache.